With so many SUVs available, the Hyundai Creta has emerged as a remarkable player,  capturing the fancy of numerous automobile aficionados. Just before the lockdown graced the  Indian shores, Hyundai unveiled the latest generation of the Creta, and the market response  was nothing short of astounding.  

The Hyundai Creta swiftly climbed the popularity charts, offering a blend of essential SUV  features and economical pricing, outclassing its precursor. Now, the Hyundai Creta has climbed  to one of the top-selling car thrones, giving Maruti Suzuki a run for its money. This post will dive  into the many factors contributing to the stellar success of the Hyundai Creta in the Indian  market.  

Feature Category Details 
Exterior Design – Split layout at front and rear 
 – All LED headlights 
 – Multiple alloy wheel designs 
 – Customizable with official accessories 
Engine Variants – 1.5L diesel 
 – 1.5L petrol 
 – 1.4L petrol (140 PS, 242 Nm torque) 
Transmission – 7-speed DCT (for 1.4L petrol) 
 – 6-speed manual (standard) 
 – 6-speed auto (for diesel), IVT (for petrol) 
Interior Features – Panoramic sunroof 
 – 10.25-inch touchscreen 
 – Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility 
 – Electronic IRVM 
 – BlueLink technology 
Safety Features – Tyre pressure monitoring system 
 – Six airbags 
 – ABS with EBD and ESP 
 – Traction Control 
 – Keyless entry 
Comfort – Ventilated seats 
 – Power-adjustable driver’s seat 
 – Generous rear seat space 
Aftersales – Extensive service network 
 – Remarkable resale value 
Price Range – Rs 10 lakh to Rs 17.68 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) 
Additional Features – Creta boot space for ample storage 
 – Digital instrument cluster 

– Hyundai Creta interior with modern aesthetics

Design Encompassing Elegance  

The design aspect of any car is often subjective. However, the new-gen Creta interior and  exterior design has a way of growing on you. Sporting a split layout both at the front and rear  profile, coupled with all LED headlights, multiple alloy wheels design, and wheel covers, the  Creta doesn’t shy away from catching eyes. The official accessories further allow you to tailor  the Hyundai Creta to resonate with your style.  

Engine Variants Catering to All

Hyundai now offers a spectrum of engine options to cater to various segments of buyers. The  lineup includes a 1.5L diesel, 1.5L petrol, and a robust 1.4L petrol engine. The 1.4L petrol  variant exudes a power of 140 PS with a peak torque of 242 Nm, exclusively paired with a 7- speed DCT.  

The other two engines boast a power output of 115 PS, with torque figures standing at 250 Nm  for the diesel and 144 Nm for the 1.5L NA petrol. A standard 6-speed manual transmission is  common in both, with an optional 6-speed auto for the diesel and an IVT for the petrol.  

Abundance of Features  

The Hyundai Creta doesn’t hold back features, even in the entry segment. A  panoramic sunroof, an expansive 10.25-inch touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay and  Android Auto, cruise control, electronic IRVM, BlueLink technology, ventilated seats, power adjustable driver’s seat, and a digital instrument cluster are just the tip of the iceberg.  Safety isn’t compromised with the Creta interior housing a tire pressure monitoring system, six  airbags, ABS with EBD and ESP, Traction Control, keyless entry, ISOFIX mount child seats,  rear parking sensors, child safety lock, four discs, among other features.  

Rear Seat Space and Comfort

Whether you are traveling with a family of five or prefer being driver-driven, the Hyundai Creta  interior is crafted to cater to your comfort. The new model enhances the rear seat space,  offering ample legroom and headroom even for tall passengers. The seat cushioning is  generous, providing commendable under-thigh support, making long journeys less daunting.  

Aftersales and Hyundai Creta Price

The Hyundai Creta price range starts from Rs 10 lakh and stretches up to Rs 17.68 lakh (ex showroom, Delhi). This price bracket, coupled with Hyundai’s extensive network of well equipped service stations across India and the remarkable resale value of Creta boot space,  makes owning a Hyundai Creta a worthy investment.  

The Hyundai Creta isn’t just a car; it’s a statement. Its emergence as a top-selling SUV isn’t  serendipitous but a result of amazing design, features, diverse engine options, and a robust  after sales service network. The Hyundai Creta encapsulates the essence of a modern SUV  while staying true to the economic expectations of the Indian market, making it a cherished  possession for many.